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Biographie If you're a brand new user, you'll definitely be having issues getting your Brother printer to a Mac. Most users will consult an expert local to solve the issue however they're doing things that are extremely difficult. ● Before connecting to the Brother printer, take note of the SSIS and keys for network connections. This can help you resolve the issue. Here is a simple method of connecting the Brother printer to the Mac. ● The first step is to remove your plug and socket. After that, disconnect the interface cable. ● Connect this to the electrical outlet following switching on the printer. Connect the CD along with your printer to the computer. ● Follow the instructions on the screen on how to set up the driver. ● Start or restart your printer so that it can recognize the driver you just installed. ● Select the printer, then connect the connector for paper. To see the best results in this area ensure that you've gone through all the directions from the user manual. ● After that, click in the Apple menu, and then choose System Preferences. ● Select Print & Scan, Print Fax and Print and Print & Scan. Then click"Add button. ● Select to select the Standard option, then select which printers name from the drop-down list and press the Add button.
FOR MORE INFO :-How to connect the Brother printer to the Mac 
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